Van Boxtel Automotive, Mercedes Benz 190SL specialist




Van Boxtel Automotive is a family owned business since 1965. Founder Karel van Boxtel and his son Mark are responsible for operational and executive management.

The company started in the city Esch since 1965 and started and moved to Schijndel in 2000. Karel started very small, with only two employees. The company grew rapidly and established a name for itself based on quality from years of selling Mercedes Benz passenger cars. At the end of 2000 Van Boxtel Automotive moved to the current premises at the Duinweg 7A in Schijndel. The collection became more diverse with an important move upwards to higher segments.

As a family owned business Van Boxtel Automotive is proud of its history and traditions, but the future is just as important. At the heart of this all is the passion for classic automobiles. We participate in the most impressive classic car Shows in the world, Techno Classica Essen and Interclassic Maastricht.


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